Velvet Board (Bullion Cushion)


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Dimensions 11x11x0.4cm, weight 16g

Black double sided velvet covered board with black satin stitched edge. Ideal for goldwork as the velvet pile helps to grip onto the purls while you cut them, discouraging them from springing across the room. Also suitable for some beads, pricking against or just a nice soft surface to put your tools on. 

Side note: quite pleasing to pet whilst thinking hard 😉

(No wire included)


4 reviews for Velvet Board (Bullion Cushion)

4.5 Rating
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  1. Handy little lightweight board. It sits beautifully on my hoop as I work.

  2. thank you!

  3. Perfect size little velvet board for cutting metal threads on. The pile is short enough that the pieces are easy enough to see and pick up, but not so short that pieces of metal thread are pinging off all over the place!

    I like to cut my threads first and then place the board on my frame so it’s right where I need it and I’m not stretching and it’s easy to pick up chips especially.

    An essential piece of kit if you’re doing any goldwork or bead embroidery.

  4. Velvet rising off board as if it hadn’t been glued down well. Board was warped

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