Structural Flower Orchid & Iris Design Online Class- Mini Kit


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Just the materials you need to make Structure Flower Orchid & Iris with our  Online Orchid Class, if you already have your own embroidery kit!

Your Mini kit includes

Crepe/Satin Fabric (select from drop down)

Light Fusing


Thin Silver Florist Wire


Embroidery Needle No 8

Petal Template

(Please note there are a couple of items you will need access to, to make these orchid which are not included in the kits: iron, iron cover fabric, paper scissors (optional), vanishing pen or pencil (white or chalk for dark colours, or a soft drawing pencil) & embroidery hoop (if embroidering) )

You might like dissolvable pen too 🙂

Be sure to purchase the orchid class too! Please note the Iris kit, is just a kit as an extention of the techniques learnt during the orchid class, to be tried out on a bigger scale under your own application of the instructions.

3 reviews for Structural Flower Orchid & Iris Design Online Class- Mini Kit

  1. all you needed

  2. I am still working on it but I am very pleased with my choice and hope to post photos soon! Thank you for your excellent classes in embroidery.

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