Organdie Rose Mobile Kit


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‘Expecting a new arrival? Would you like to make your own baby mobile using our beautiful organdie rose design?
You can with our Organdie Rose Mobile Kit- containing everything you will need to make this stunning mobile yourself. Based around our much loved Organdie Rose Online Class, you will have access to the video class to make the 12 roses, then when you’re ready- follow the booklet instruction on how to construct the mobile itself together.
Settle in whilst you hone your rose making skills, or even share the experience and get a group of you together to make a rose or two each. At the end you will have a beautiful, hand crafted, nursery accessory, visual stimulant and keepsake.

Your kit includes

12x Organdie 30x30cm
12x 15cm milliners wire
1x 15×20 wadding
3x Thread to match the fabrics
2x Organdie Ribbons
1x Mobile Hoop Wood
1x Brass handled from London Embroidery School
1x Template for Petals
1x QR code for the Online Class
1x Booklet for the Construction Instruction
5x Sewing needle size 8
1x Pot of Pins
Other items needed in addition to the kit will be thread snips, paper scissors and a lighter
Finished Item Specs: Dimensions- 55x28x28cm, Total weight 140g
Safety Notice: The Organdie Rose Mobile Kit is intended to be an Interior/Nursery room decoration and not a toy so ensure it is kept out of reach of children. It is good as a visual stimulant, interior design accessory and keepsake because of it’s handmade nature but should therefore not be hung directly over a cot or crib.


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