Introduction to Machine Embroidery

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Course Outline:
Introduction to Machine Embroidery teaches you how to use the software Wilcom. Wilcom is the worlds leading digitising software that allows you to create an embroidered design on the computer, and transfer it to a machine to stitch out. Wilcom is widely used around the world, and is in fact the software our sister company Hawthorne & Heaney use in the studio.
This course is taught by a Wilcom company official, who will teach you these skills and more:

The Basics

  • User interface
  • Input methods and editing tools
  • Using the lettering tool
  • Stitch Types
  • General view options
  • Colour and needle information
  • Object Properties
  • Using the colour object list
  • Using the colour pallet editor to assign threads
  • Hot keys/ keyboard shortcuts



  • Importing images to work from.
  • Using the input tools to digitise designs
  • Using the editing tools, object list to make the embroidery run efficiently and neatly
  • Working with the approval and production work sheets
  • preparing and checking embroidery designs for export


Please bring your own design with you and something to stitch onto. Our tutor will then teach you how to translate this design into an embroidery. You will leave the studio with at least one stitched out design.

This course is taught over 8 hours, and is broken up by a 1 hour lunch break. It will provide a comprehensive introduction of using Wilcom, so that you can manipulate your skills to suit your own future projects.
Please book your course at least 1 week in advance. This class is non refundable and transferable.



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