Goldwork Star Kit (Silver)


The Goldwork star kits are for those who have done some Goldwork stitching before and are looking for a new challenge, the results of which can be enjoyed over the festive period. Coming in 5 styles which cover a range of levels these written instruction kits are ideal if you want some time away from screens to focus in on your stitching and make something really beautiful.

Each kit will allow you to make a piece with a Pearle Purl edge and a combination of two Goldwork techniques to fill your star. The kits include all the materials you will need to make your chosen Goldwork star design utilising the equipment you will likely already have, or can pick up from the specialist equipment section of our website.

Once completed, these stars make a great addition to a classy tree or an eye catching tree topper if you want to give it pride of place.

The kit include for 1 star 14cm high

x1 Reel of Thread

x2 Embroidery Needle 10 & 12

x1 White Felt

x1 Base Fabric

x1 Goldwork wire pack

x1 Instruction

x1 Annotation

Other equipment needed


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