Meet the team

Our amazing staff

Embroidery is in our veins

We are a small passionate team based in and around London & Surrey.  Everything you see on the website and our social media has been worked on, selected, crafted, designed or filmed by us and all your lovely messages and inquiries are always dealt with by the team.

We know it is cliche to say that when you buy from a small business a real person does a happy dance, but it is true!

We love our customers at the London Embroidery School, we have particularly enjoyed our recent move into online classes and all the lovely feedback we have received.  We really hope to keep being able to bring you all new classes and content that keeps you as excited as it does us.


Founder and owner of Hawthorne & Heaney/ London Embroidery School


LES Creative Director

Sarah hands Gold work intro


Office manager, production manager, HR, bookkeeper, LES Class Designer

Goose London Embroidery School Mascot


H&H morale officer
(sleeping & looking cute)

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