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"Our online classes are for absolutely anybody that wants to learn."

We are a small team of passionate embroiderers who run the school along side our professional embroidery business HAWTHORNE & HEANEY. We run both in tandem to make sure that you get the best tuition from tutors and practitioners that work in the industry daily and share their tricks, tips and insights  along side.

We believe in teaching the art of hand embroidery to everyone that wants to learn and it is our mission to impart these skills and supply professional equipment to anyone who has the will and the patience. 

Embroidery has a history of being a closed industry, often with secrets tricks and tips passed down through generations and from master to apprentice.  Often only those who could pay for expensive courses could get a glimpse of this world as a hobby and a potential industry, but we are hoping to crack this wide open and bring classes and courses to anyone, irrespective of budget, location and ability.  Our online classes are for absolutely anybody that wants to learn. They are accessible, provide clear, friendly instruction and quality kits (that are tried and tested by the team) for your personal use only.  Our tutors are all professionally trained and work in embroidery daily so can support you on your journey.

We all feel very lucky to work in this industry and we want to share a little piece of it with you.  

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