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Kelly Stein

We are delighted to announce Jackie as our Student of the Month for May.

She skillfully mastered the art of embroidery, creating a stunning knotted landscape through our online class. We asked Jackie to share a little about herself and her embroidery journey. Here’s what she had to say:

I reside in a quaint village on Dartmoor, Devon, where I’ve been embroidering for nearly 50 years. My first memory of this craft is my Aunt teaching me to thread a needle and create running stitches, a skill I first practiced on Christmas Day with a gift sewing kit. This hobby provides me with a serene focus point and offers a calming effect. I appreciate the connection to the historical roots of embroidery and marvel at the proficiency of some stitchers.
I’m fond of various embroidery types, particularly those with textured designs like crewelwork. Recently, I discovered stumpwork, which allows for the use of diverse techniques and materials. This variety attracted me to the Knotted Landscape project. The kit’s different threads and ribbons were enjoyable to use. While I’m comfortable with French knots, I hadn’t previously tried Chinese knots, loop knots, or Colonial knots. The included videos offered a chance to learn these techniques at my own pace. I appreciated the design’s flexibility, enabling me to work on different knot areas and view them in cohesion.
The Landscape’s realism appealed to me, especially the bullion pine trees, my favorite stitch to execute. The project didn’t take too long, preventing boredom and making it easy to complete. I’m satisfied with the outcome, and it looks fitting in a simple hoop frame. It now adorns my bookcase in my living room.

We are so happy for Jackie and love seeing her develop her embroidery skills with us. 

If you are interested in being our next Student of the month, please share your London Embroidery School work with us! All you have to do is simply tag us on social media or send us a photo at One lucky participant will be chosen as the recipient of a £50 London Embroidery School gift card. You’ll also be featured on our social media and have an entire newsletter and blog post dedicated to you. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills and celebrate your learning journey with us.

Best of luck and happy stitching!

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