Adding lace to your wardrobe is always a good thing!

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Kelly Stein

We were inspired by the new season of Bridgerton  

Lace is a timeless and versatile fabric that can enhance your wardrobe in multiple ways, providing femininity, sophistication, and elegance. Its seasonal chicness allows for a pop of color, as lace is available in various colors. We offer a whole section on lace embroidery online classes and one highlight is our stunning pastel-colored lace appliqué.  With the same lace pattern found in our standard lace appliqué kits, you can now learn lace appliqué in full color. If you’re feeling truly confident, apply it directly to your chosen garment, just like we did.

Ready to embrace your inner Penelope and create Regency-era magic? Our Pastel Lace Applique Mini Kit’s got you covered. With a trio of lace pieces in colors so exquisite they’d make a peacock jealous, you can blend and use them as you fancy. It even includes matching threads and a dainty pale blue cotton base fabric – though if you’re a seasoned stitcher with a project in mind, you might not need it. So, whether you’re planning ‘a turnabout the gardens’ or an impromptu picnic, we’re here to weave into your Bridgerton embroidery journey.


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