The responses to your embroidery origin are in!

Kelly Stein

Kelly Stein

At what age did you begin embroidering? Results!



We recently posed a question on social media: “At what age did you begin embroidering?” The responses we received were amazing. We decided to share a wonderful summary of the 184 people who have responded so far in this blog.

47 people stated that they learned embroidery between the ages of 2-6.

75 people shared that they picked up embroidery between the ages of 7-12.

20 people mentioned that they learned embroidery during their teen years.

14 people indicated that they learned in their 20s.

9 people didn’t start until their 30s.

10 people enthusiastically began in their 40s.

7 people thought their 50s was the right time to learn.

Finally, 2 people joined the embroidery enthusiasts in their 60s.

So many of you spilled the beans on your embroidery origin stories! From family threads like parents, great-grandmas, grandmas, and aunts passing down the craft, to friends stepping up to the plate. Some of you even got your stitch fix back in primary school! Teen rebels joined the embroiderers’ guild, while others stitched their way through the girl’s brigade. When COVID hit, many dived into embroidery as a new hobby. Big shout out to the self-taught champs out there! Whether you needed to unwind or seek solace in a quiet activity for health reasons, embroidery has been the perfect stitching remedy for all.

We loved reading how the Cross stitch and the French knot was popular as your first stitch to do and Oh, the first memories shared of stitching up aprons, dresses, bags, doll clothes, and those epic completed kits! And hey, if you’ve unearthed some unfinished treasures, maybe now’s the time to dust them off and finish what you started. Big shout out goes to all you stitching superstars who turned your passion into a profession!

Much love to all the amazing people who shared their embroidery origin stories! You’re the stars of the stitching universe, and we’re thrilled to be part of your creative crew.

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