Easter and the egg bauble.

Kelly Stein

Kelly Stein

To all our wonderful embroiderers,

Today is Easter, and we have to say we were egg-static over our “A Stitch A Day Easter Egg Bauble” pattern that was available to make. This delightful bauble combined a dash of creativity, offered lovely Easter patterns and was perfect for all embroidery levels. We encouraged self-expression, if you wished, by mixing and matching the thread colours, fabrics, and materials to create your own bauble masterpiece!

Many embarked on this embroidery bauble journey by stitching a pattern a day while others sped up the process and finished faster, and others bought early and took their time. Whatever timeframe was chosen, we bet a beautiful bauble was the end result. It was all about embracing the process, enjoying all the colours and reveling in the sense of accomplishment with a completed bauble ready to decorate with or give as a gift.

We truly hope you enjoyed making the Easter Egg bauble and to all who celebrate, we wish you a Happy Easter. 

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