In-person Metal Thread Kingfisher class with Becky Hogg

Kelly Stein

Kelly Stein

We are thrilled to present another excellent in-person workshop on Saturday 27th April 10:30am – 4:30pm

Engage with your instructor, Becky Hogg, as she guides you through the process of embroidering an exquisite Kingfisher design using Metal Thread Embroidery in a one-day workshop for all skill levels.

Get ready to master fantastic stitches like Couching, Cutwork, Plate application, and wire Looped Purls! Dive into a world of lavish threads with easy-to-follow demonstrations and expert advice from Becky Hogg. And here’s the best part – once you’re done, your majestic Kingfisher will proudly rest on a pre-cut wooden branch, ready to be showcased in a beautiful wooden hoop! For further details and signing up to attend the class click here: Metal Thread Kingfish Class with Becky Hogg

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