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Kelly Stein

Kelly Stein

Top FIVE Reasons you should sign for our London Embroidery School Newsletter: 


#1 -When you sign up for our newsletter, you become part of our wonderful LES family and get to learn all about us.  Welcome!

#2 – Your time is valuable, which is why you’ll receive a newsletter that is informative, interesting and quick to read.

#3 -Throughout the weeks, you’ll learn about our various online classes and products. This may spark an interest to try something new, further your embroidery skills, or remind you about a tool you need or kit you’ve seen that you want to give a try.

#4 – You’ll join in celebrating the achievements of fellow embroiderers and the accomplishments we’ve made at the school.

#5 – You’ll also get early information on any special offers and in-person workshops that are open for enrollment before the public does.

Now after reading these top five reasons, if you are already part of our LES Newsletter family, then we thank you!

If you are currently not signed up and would like to be, here’s how:  There are two methods available. First, when you visit the London Embroidery School website, a pop-up will appear prompting you to sign up for our newsletter. Simply provide your email address and you’re in! If the pop-up doesn’t appear, please don’t hesitate to contact us at classes@embroidery.london and express your interest in receiving our newsletter. We will be more than happy to assist you with the sign-up process.





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