December’s Student of the Month

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

We are seeing 2023 out with a bang, as it would seem our Student of the month winner has also. Our latest student of the month winner is @moniquenwerk

They seem to have had a wonderful time working on the Beaded Coral Online Class, using their own left over materials. It is wonderful to see people putting their own spin on and imagination into our classes. It is the very reason we list many of our classes as with the online class only option, because if you have the things to work with or are happy to make a few adaptations then you can get started right away, don’t have to wait for a kit to arrive and save yourself some money. Ideal for the thrifty or further afield students like Moniquenwerk who is based in the Netherlands. They very generously have shared lots of photos of their progress as they have been stitching so there is plenty to see!

Having a look at their instagram page, they have a strong sense of the colours and textures they like to work with, which makes sourcing their own materials for the class sit all the better amonst their other works. As you can see, they are already an accompished embroiderer in their own right, but it goes to show that we can all continue to add skills to our repetoirs.

If you would like to be this month’s Student of the Month, tag us in your photos of your LES makes for your chance to win and get a 10% off voucher for our website. Instagram tag using @londonembschool or also feel free to email us with your pics if you don’t use social media. Good luck and happy stitching!

All beautiful images courtesy of Moniquenwerk

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