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Fed up of watching TV and ready to do something a little more constructive? You’ve found this blog so we’re going to take that as a yes 🙂

As the studio is currently closed as we are also taking a break, these are our top picks of projects you can get started with today from home, using materials and equipment you are likely to already have if you’ve done even a little embroidery before.  Put this downtime to good use and pick up a new skill in the process by making something lovely.

Monogramming Class Series:

A series of 3 classes (the first of which is free!) working on basic embroidery principal stitches, but taught with a view to lettering outcomes. We start from absolute scratch with what we hope to be an achievable practical first chain stitch project, progressing onto script fonts for a more formal outcome in the second class. Finally in the third class we tackle the more challenging serif font and discuss what approach you might like to take for working on garments and exisiting items .


Fixing with Florals Class:

A practical class where you are encoraged to use the theads you have left over from other projects to work on and repair a much loved item that has been damaged. Too many of us have garments or household textiles that we dont want to throw out, but have got a bit too tatty to be in regular use. By repairing them with embroidery in a beautiful way, you can add to that items story and bring it back into regular use with a new lease of life.


Darning Class:

Another repair class, working on the traditional method of darning holes. We are keen that these traditional skills aren’t lost in our increasingly fast paced world so we though this one deserved a class all of its own.


Introduction to Stumpwork Class:

An unusual and lesser known embroidery technique, stumpwork has the potential to have everyone cooing over your work as it comes up off the surface of the fabric and creates textures of its own. This class is aimed on working on a plain item you already have, whether that be a garment, gift or household textile. We talk you through 3 main raised stitches which together can make the trailing rose pattern. The pattern itself we will talk you through how you might like to apply it to your particular item, giving several examples of possible placements depending on what you are trying to achieve.


Beaded Coral Class:

Possibly a bit more of a tricky one to source, but if you have some left over beads from previous projects then this might be great for you. Featuring over 20 beading techniques there is certainly something new to learn in these classes for everyone. Don’t be afraid to play around with colour and scale depending on the materials you have available, the idea is that all these techniques are adaptable to what you want to create. Above you can see one of our other students (@Moniquenwerk on instagram) who just bought the online class (and not our kit) and used what they had to complete the class to stunning effects.


Lace Applique Class:

Got a lovely bit of lace, you couldnt bear to throw away, but didn’t know what to do with it? Put it to good use and learn to embroider with lace applique. This could be to spruce up and old garment or as a repair technique as it can be very sucessful covering over damage that would otherwise render a garment ruined.  Extra satisfying, because as embroidery techniques go, it is a fairly quick one, harnessing the beauty of the exisiting lace, but elevating it into use.

Intermediate Tambour Class Series:

One for those who have tamboured before, but a little downtime is a great opportunity to pick up skills you already have a build on them. So you can already tambour, but have you ever tried using a thick or woollen thread, tamboured a satin stitch, created a spiked line with bugle beads, or combined it with goldwork metal materials. All good skills can be added to and we believe the scope of tambour is much more than just seed beeds in lines. Let us show you how.


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