Goldwork Explored Part 7: How to Get Started

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Natasha Searls-Punter

So you’ve got the interest for all the beautiful golden and shiny things we have been showing you over the last 6 blogs of this series. But how to now put that into action?

Start Small

We think the best way to get started is with something small and achievable, so you can try out some of these lovely new materials and decide if goldwork is for you. Our Introduction to Goldwork is a lovely starting point giving you a little contemporary design to tackle with 3 of the main techniques we have talked about. It starts with chipping bright check for the body of the cherries, couching pearle purl for the stems and cutwork for the leaves. As it is a smallish design, its ideal for beginners as goldwork can take a fair amount of time especially when you are learning, so by choosing something you can do in 1-3 sessions (or an afternoon depending on your schedule) will build your confidence and spur you on to bigger and more elaborate things.

If youd prefer something more self paced or screen free, try one of our patch or decoration kits. These will introduce you to some beginners techniques in a written booklet form with links to supporting videos if needed. Resulting in a cute, usable outcome, you can try out new skills and see how they might fit into your life with these projects. Choose from (currently) six designs each which pick out particular techniques combinations to best suit the design and give you variety in what you’d like to learn.

Embroidery and goldwork of the United Kingdom flag and a crown
Embroidery and goldwork of the Union Jack Flag Patch and a Coronation Crown Patch
Christmas Decoration Kits

Mistakes Happen

Don’t be afraid to undo some stitches if you dont like them, in many of our goldwork classes and previous blogs we have talked about laying tools, one of whose function is to place and lift out goldwork pieces. In cutwork for example it is common practise to put in a piece at a length you have measured to be hopefully correct, place the stitch in and see if you are happy, then remove it even though it is right and use it as the master length from which to cut more. More pieces of that size are then added to the area, or if it wasnt right first time, you can cut another piece using the first as a guide to whether it needs to be shorter or longer. It’s also very common with older pieces of goldwork that through use or in transit, pieces of the purl will be damaged. In these circumstances, goldworkers are used to removing sections of the purl from a finished piece to replace them, so right from the off you shouldn’t feel that you are trapped by any made stitches.

Trial and error is part of the process with goldwork as there are many elements you can control and adapt (therefore get wrong) whilst creating your embroidery. So go into goldwork with the mindset that its all adjustable and therefore not to expect to get it right first time.

Partial Cutwork rough purl over string bump work in progress from the Intermediate Goldwork Jungle Online Class

Community Matters

Being accountable to others we find is a huge motivator to tackling something you might find a little daunting. We have a variety of platforms you can get involved with depending on what works best for you. If you want to be inspired by lots of beautiful pictures, join us on instagram @londonembschool. We post most days about embroidery content, were on there regulally if you want to send us a message or DM if you have any questions. You can also share your progress with your project over there by tagging us in you LES makes to be in with a chance to be our student of the month and win a 10% off voucher for our website, post out to the community and personalised blog post on our website. Finally, we hold live stitching session if you fancy a casual chat whilst stitching in real time all of which can be caught up on our YouTube channel if you cant make them live.

If you prefer something more intimate, there is the London Embroidery School Facebook Club, a private page where we share exclusive offers to our VIPs and you can talk directly with other students of the London Embroidery School.

The other way to be one of our VIPs is to join our mailing list for early access to classes, notification of information blog posts and exclusive offers. It is the best way to know about our in person classes too (which always sell out fast) if you want to meet other stitchers in our London studio in person to make a connection.

The YouTube channel is our library of information and content that will keep you busy for a long while. If you want some company whilst you are stitching there is the Stitchalongs playlist where we can stitch together to simulate that stitching circle feel. The ProTips playlist is there if you need more help with your project or just want to learn some secret skills from the professionals that will push your skills forwards. Sneak peeks are also there if you fancy seeing what life in an embroidery studio is like and for exploring other techniques and classes we have on offer you might have never even heard of.


Don’t stop there

Once you have done a first little project, its time to think big. As we’ve talked about a length there is so much to cover, learn and explore with Goldwork so take the next step. Pick a design that really excited you and get stuck in!

goldwork, gold work, bag, small bag, pear, embellishment, embroidery, chipping, padding, bag, green bag, clasp, bag clasp, product outcome, final outcome,
Goldwork Online Class (Pear Design) made into a bag using our bag clasp accessory
goldwork, gold work, chipping, cutwork, embroidery, Christmas, star, online class, kit
Goldwork Christmas Star Styles

Keep Going

Go step by step, by all means, but there are some fantastic Intermediate and Advanced Level Goldwork Classes out there that need to be made. Get creative with colours and textures combined. Allow the excitment of working towards them fuel you whilst trying to be patient with yourself. By the time you are ready to be here I’m sure you will have designs of your own that you want to make a reality too!

Intermediate Goldwork Jungle Online Class

Today (20th Dec 23) is the last day of postage out from the studio for 2023 so a prefect chance to get your order in and get makes your new years resolution early. Also remember that as part of our thank you for shopping small this festive season we are giving away a FREE surprise embroidery toolkit essesntial with every postal order placed in December 23.

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