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Natasha Searls-Punter

International stitchers, you have spoken and so here it is- The Goldwork Christmas Star Designs are now available as a PDF only product separate from the materials kit. This should be ideal for if you have left over materials from another goldwork project and would like to turn them into a Christmas Star, or you have a more local supplier but want to give the design a try without needed any postage from the UK. Skill level these are for those who have done some level of Goldwork stitching before and are looking for a new challenge, the results of which can be enjoyed over the festive period. Coming in 5 styles which cover a range of levels pick the one that suits you best and make something really beautiful.

Each PDF will guide you through the materials you will need for your design, setting up your piece and the stitching of each technique involved. Our redesigned booklets for 2023 include diagrammed instructions for each of the steps and links to our library of videos should you need further help.

multiple design hand embroidery stars

Once completed, these stars make a great addition to a classy tree or an eye-catching tree topper if you want to give it pride of place. We look forward to seeing how you interpret these designs when you have free rein over your choice of materials and colours. If this is all a step too far for you, remember the PDF booklet is still available with all the necessary materials as a kit  (link to original product)where we have done all the sourcing.

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