A Stitch a Day Halloween Pumpkin PDF Pattern Now Out

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Natasha Searls-Punter

Get into the mood with our countdown to Halloween Pumpkin Pin Cushion PDF design. Learn some new embroidery stitches and practise them each day with this downloadable design pack. Featuring 30 eerie little designs, one for each day, finishing on Halloween with the construction of your pumpkin. Pick your own colour palette, fabric and materials as we walk you through how to make your practical pin cushion or autumnal ornament.

Suitable for absolute beginners the design is achievable with even the most basic of equipment. What you dont know we will guide you through with illustrations, examples and descriptions. Those with a bit more experience can use it as a chance to showcase your skills on these creepy designs.

The PDF includes:

– Guiding your choice of materials and equipment

– 30 Halloween designs set out in the pumpkin pattern

– How to transfer the design onto your fabric

– How to frame up your hoop

– Essential Embroidery basics you need to know

– Basic embroidery line stitches

– Fancy embroidery line stitches

– Embroidery Fill Stitches

– How to make your flat embroidery into a Pumpkin shape

Equipment and Materials:

Base Fabric

Stranded Embroidery Thread

Embroidery Hoop





Pencil/ Removable Pen


Sewing Thread

Thimble (optional)

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