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Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Hello August! With July having come to a close it’s time to pick a new student of the month winner which we are delighted to announce that July’s winner is @elsantogay !

Santo completed the Tambour Beading Online Class with ambitions for taking the technique much further. The project that they went on to use these skills for I am sure you will agree is really impressive. They were making a cosplay costume for the character Lady Oscar, from the manga series The Rose of Versailles.

These pictures are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this project as it shows the range of skills that Santo has besides the embroidery; from tailoring, to woodworking and of course embodying the character.

They also share a little video on their Instagram of practising the process of tambour and getting comfortable with the motion which you might find interesting to see a fellow student in the flow. If you yourself haven’t tamboured before, the step up in difficulty from sheer fabric to opaque fabrics like this fabulous blue brocade used here makes it so much harder which just goes to show how impressive this garment really is. In addition to tambour, they have also taken our chiffon roses class used to style the 3D flowers also featured. Do head over to their Instagram to be further inspired by the making of the scabbard, epaulettes, badges and trousers.  The 250 hours hand crafting each element of this project was certainly time well spent given the results.


Well done to Santo! If you would like to be this month’s Student of the Month, tag us in your photos of your LES makes for your chance to win and get a 10% off voucher for our website. Instagram tag using @londonembschool or also feel free to email us with your pics if you don’t use social media. Good luck and happy stitching!


All beautiful images courtesy of elsantogay

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