A New Intro to Embroidery Design

Ammonite embroidery photographed from above
Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

A new design on which to learn our Introduction to Embroidery class skills. We think this is the perfect way to give yourself a thorough base knowledge of embroidery stitches. Ideal for those looking to start embroidery we go through in detail how to master those basic skills and build on them while we work on twelve stitch techniques!
Each stitch makes up a section of the Ammonite’s shell resulting in a beautiful artwork piece. The original Introduction to Embroidery Lily and Pomegranate design will remain available as a more traditional alternative and teaches the same techniques. So pick the design that when finished will best compliment the area in which it will be displayed.
The design includes- Part 1: Running Stitch, Back Stitch, Whipped Back Stitch, Split Stitch, and Chain Stitch
Part 2: Stem Stitch, Daisy Stitch, Sequin Application and Satin Stitch
Part 3: French Knots Couching Stitch Feather Stitch and Tendrils
Kits are available and necessary to go alongside this series of 3 online classes so that we can provide you with the materials (mini kit) needed to complete the artwork. Choose the deluxe if you need equipment too.
Equipment Needed:
Spray Starch
Head over to the class listing for all the details and to begin your embroidery journey today with the London Embroidery School.

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