Pro Tips: Slip Stitch Application for Patches

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Natasha Searls-Punter


If you have a patch you want to apply to an item, you want the stitches that hold it into place to be as subtle as possible. Click through to see the patch application in action on our YouTube channel.

To do this we would recommend using an embroidery hoop to keep the item’s fabric tensioned and flat for you whilst you work. If that isn’t practical, for example if you were embroidering onto a bag or fabric that would be damaged by the hooping process, just ensure it is flat and that you don’t pull your stitches over tight. 

Once framed up, select a thread of texture and colour that is similar to the outside part of your patch. Start with a knot in the end of a single thread and anchor the thread underneath where the patch will be placed. Using a small slip stitch we will sew the patch into place, coming up on the outside of the patch so as not to distort the patch and then bringing the needle down just inside of the outside edge of the patch to catch it into place. Aim for the stitch to remain perpendicular to the edge of the patch so that the stitches fall inline with the edge of the patches stitching and disappear. Come up a few millimetres along from your first stitch and repeat, turning when needed to keep those stitches perpendicular to the patch edge. When you get to the end, finish with a small double slip knot on the underside of your item. 

This will keep your patch securely in place on your item, but also allow you to remove the patch without damage to the item if you need to in the future.

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