Surreal Eye Patch Kit

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Catching eyes everywhere, the surreal eye patch draws you into take a look at what you are capable of making. The Surreal Eye Patch Kit allows you to experiment with couched goldwork threads for a smooth, high shine finish.

The kit includes all you will need to try your hand at couching passing thread and straight stitch for the iris. It also contains simple diagrams so you can use the time away from screens. These patch kits are a simple way to try out goldwork materials without committing to a whole course and will leave you with a sparkly piece that would be a great addition to any item that needs a little metallic lift. Once embroidered, simply stitch directly onto your item-  we particularly love it on jackets and bags.

Take a look at the London Embroidery School website for further details and let us see what you can conqueror next.

NB: Goldwork threads are not washable so consider this with your choice of application, or perhaps apply it with a pin back so you can remove it when necessary.

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