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Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

With the New Year comes the opportunity for a fresh start and the question of what is going to be your New Year’s Resolution for 2023?

So we have put together some ideas of resolutions that play into something you are already passionate about and therefore should be easy to keep- Embroidery. Keeping in mind the challenges we all currently face, we think these resolutions could be ways to really make positive changes to your forthcoming year. Try to pick something realistic to fit into your life as this will help to set you up to succeed.

Idea 1.

Often when working on a project there are all the cut out pieces of fabric left over when you have taken the parts you need from it. This may be from cutting out a pattern whilst dress making, or the cut away parts from an applique for example but all that fabric usually goes to waste. We suggest you try keeping a bag of those scraps and then when you have a good amount take your scissors to them and chop them all up into tiny pieces (very roughly). This is then called ‘cabbage‘ and can be reused as a stuffing for future projects. By cutting it up nice and small it them makes for a smooth filler and could be used for toys, pin cushions, domed fabric buttons, fabric Christmas decorations or dog beds to name a few potential ideas.


Idea 2:

Could a little stitching time be your mental reset each day. If you have a bigger project on the go, try putting a few stitching into it each day to keep the momentum going. This time stitching can be great for your brain and a little downtime, even if its only for 10 or 15 minutes some days. Think of it like a journal of sorts, a few minutes to take stock of the day to come- or that has been, to reflect on how you feel or to get lost in the kinetic process of doing. Perhaps you might have already dipped into this at the end of last year if you did our A Tree-A-Day Advent Calendar Design, if that approach worked for you for the best part of a month in December there’s no reason it couldn’t work even better for you in 2023. Stitch your way, just be sure to stitch.


Idea 3:

If daily stitching time seems like too much of a commitment for you with all the other things you need to do within your usual days, could you commit to carving out an hour for stitching once a week? Once settled with a project, could you also use this time as opportunity to be screen free and give your eyes and brain a bit of a break from all the information they are constantly receiving? Seems like this could be a great one as a double wammy!

Idea 4:

If you need something a little freer time wise than the previous two ideas- could you aim to learn a new technique each month? Pick one of our multiple technique classes and work your way through the project month by month, adding something fresh to your repetoir and keeping the momentum going.  For a high bar the Beaded Coral Online Class is great for this as it is split into small sections of new tehcniques for you to practise so it is easy to tick one off each month, or if Goldwork is more your thing then the Intermediate Goldwork Jungle Online Class offers you a similar approach with each area being a different goldwork tehcnique. For Beginners Introduction to Embroidery is taught in this same a stitch a section way so would also be very achievable. Or if you are a little cash strapped why not work your way through our free classes (Valentino Roses, Monogramming 1 and Lace Jewellery) for the first few months of the year and see what ideas that may spark.


Idea 5:

Could you reduce your project waste by keeping a thread jar going? All too often we are so quick to throw away small(ish) bit of thread and embroidery materials, however you might find yourself surprised at how many times you might just only need a very small bit of something you’ve used before that you might be able to harness from the jar. It’s also a lovely way to track your progress through projects as the thread colour scraps that you are producing changes , the layers build up and ends up looking like a thread version of sediment rock!

If no occasions some up to harness those small bits of thread back into working pieces, they can always been combined with cabbage (see idea 1 ) and used for stuffing.


Idea 6:

At the London Embroidery School we really feel that embroidery can be so much more than just pretty. Using embroidery to add to the story of a much loved item only makes it all the more precious in our opinion. For that reason we have a whole section of DIY Repair classes that not only look lovely but also can be used to repair a piece that has more life to it yet. Matching up the right repair method with your items and repair is key but check out the descriptions for more guidance or our DIY videos for inspiration.


Idea 7:

Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and delve into a new challenge. Whatever the technique is that you have been side eying for a while- look it straight in the eye (of the needle) and use this year as the opportunity to own it. You will be amongst many people also trying new, exciting and a little daunting things so get swept up in the enthusiasm. If you do need support from wherever you are, we are only a few clicks away to be replayed, answer your questions or offer advise. And there is always the London Embroidery School Facebook Club to join if you want to chat with other crafters in similar positions to yourself.


What will you gain in 2023?


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