Colourful Creative Cutwork: Int. Jungle Class 2 Available

pink and orange bright check cutwork fruit loops details
Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

pink and orange bright check cutwork fruit loops details

We’ve done the groundwork, ready to break into the colourful materials. Class 2 of the Intermediate Goldwork Jungle Online Class is now out. Focusing on the midground section of our jungle design we will work with green, pink and orange bright check, smooth purl and rough purl.

green cutwork grass details on khaki metal mesh mountains on a light blue fabric printed base

All of this classes techniques are created using cutworked purls to achieve grass and palm effects, fruit loops and layered chipping. This part of the design eases us into the more tricky and time consuming goldwork and gold thread techniques yet to come within this stunning piece.

goldwork materials in pink and green on a velvet board with scissors

Equipment needed:

Thread snips

goldwork purl snips

laying tool: Mellor, Stiletto, Awl


Bullion (velvet) Board

Thimble (optional)

Frame (Min 7”) : Table Clamp, Seat or Slate


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