Intermediate Goldwork Jungle Class now out!

jungle design with lots of colours gold tree and waterfall
Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Goldwork doesn’t just have to be gold.

This class series from the London Embroidery School will take your goldwork skills to a whole new place. Discover the variety of textures you can create using these materials in this contemporary approach to traditional techniques in the Intermediate Goldwork Jungle Online Class.

The design is split into 4 class sections

1. Raising and background

2. Creative Cutwork Textures

3. Couching techniques

4. Raised cutwork fills

Covering a total of 12 techniques there is something new for everyone, building on from a beginners level of  knowledge. So if you are ready to try something special, we think this is the jungle themed class and kit is for you. This class is aimed at those with some basic goldwork experience (and equipment) so the mini kit includes all the materials needed to complete the design whilst using your own equipment.

Equipment needed:

Thread snips

goldwork purl snips

laying tool: Mellor, Stiletto, Awl


Bullion (velvet) Board

Thimble (optional)


Frame (Min 7”) : Table Clamp, Seat or Slate




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