September is going to be a big one

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

If you follow us on any of our social medias you will likely have seen some of the hints of what is coming along in the pipeline from us. So we are happy to announce that September is going to be a very big and exciting month at the London Embroidery School.

We dont want to give the game away, but next week, we have a wonderful offer from an industry leading partner coming to our newsletter subscribers only.

Following that we will be launching a shiny new 4 part class that we have been working on for more than a year (it’s totally worth the wait!)

Once again that will first be offered to our newsletter subscribers before it goes out to the wider public.

‘So what do I need to do?’ I hear you ask. Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of our home page, of course to be the first in the know about all our best and secret projects before everyone else!

You know you’re VIP material, we certainly agree so skip to the front of the line 😉

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