Fixing with Florals: Beginners Repair Online Class

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Fixing with Florals, the Online Class from the London Embroidery school where we will take absolute embroidery beginners and show you how to work on and repair items you already have whilst learning 8 new stitching techniques. This class is great those looking to reduce the amount of things they consume and reinvigorate the items they already have. For some holes and tears, stitching them shut is just not going to cut it, and this is where refreshing the item with a little sprinkle of design seeds can bring that piece back from the brink.

We start by talking through how to approach the design, prepare your materials and mounting a garment. Once prepared we will cover running stitch tacking, backstitch, wheel stitch roses, daisy stitch, french knots, looped stitch and wrapped feather stitch. As an online class, you can start and stop at your leisure, use whatever materials you already have, and start right away without waiting for the post.

With these cheerful floral designs spring has come to bring you new skills and a fresh lease of life to items in your wardrobe. Find the class exclusively in the online classes section , we can’t wait to see where this scattering of flowers pop up as you start your embroidery journey.

Equipment and Materials Needed 

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