Intermediate Tambour Online Class Part 2

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Natasha Searls-Punter


Class 2 of the Intermediate Tambour online class is now out! In this class we will move onto layer two of the black hole artwork where we will be tackling some tricky and unusual materials to Tambour with. Starting with the goldwork materials of bright check, we will be creating a glittery fill in the form of chipping.

This will lead us nicely into using another goldwork material, pearle pearl. This time for a line effect as we apply the stretched pearle purl using chain stitch. This is a very useful approach to master as it can be used to apply lines of any strip materials you like going forwards. Crystals, feathers and cord spring to mind as alternative applications for this technique.

With these techniques under your belt, you will be ready to take on the final and most tricky part of this piece in the last class.

Start with the first class and mini kit if you are new to this design or out Tambour Online Class Weather Triptych if you are new to tambour as this class is for an intermediate level and requires prior experience of tambour skills.

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Tambour Beading Online Class Part 1 Work In progress

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