Intermediate Tambour Online Class

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

New to the London Embroidery School’s Range of online classes comes the Intermediate Tambour Online Class. Taking what we learn in the original online class as a foundation, we will be pushing those skills much further by showing you how to approach artworks of your own and work with unusual materials in this 3 class series.

Starting in the first class with the preparations of an artwork and your materials, we will then learn about the couture fashion technique of Vermicelli for creating a surface covering of sparkly sequins.

Class 2 will see us tackle some goldwork materials, using tambour to apply bright check chipping and Pearle Purl lines. And in the final class we will learn to create a spray like effect with bugle beads along with satin stitch using a wool thread.

The second and final classes will then be automatically sent to you when they are released over the next two weeks on Fridays. All these techniques are achievable using the tambour chain stitching approach and so grab your copy of the online classes and mini kit from the online classes section.



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