Mother’s Day Kit Idea

Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Pages mushroom Class

This Mother’s day, we will be giving our Mum’s the Online Pages Mushroom class and kit so that she can make her own Mushroom Pin Cushion. This lovely little kit will provide all the materials she will need to make her own Mushroom styled pin cushion at the end of she will know all about the couture technique of pages.

Pages is a lesser known couture technique where layers upon layers of fabrics are built up on top of one another and stitched down to fan out and look like the pages of a book. Because this technique is all about the approach, we wanted to find a way to teach pages for a practical outcome. Therefore during the pages mushroom pincushion online class you will learn about how pages technique is usually used when creating for a couture outcome, and then apply our knowledge and practice the pages technique whilst building our own luxurious pin cushion.

With a bright red, velvet top scattered with pearl details, a sturdy weighted woolen stem skirt and one hundred pages technique gills, this class and kit will leave her with an understanding of this high fashion technique and a lovely new sewing project companion to boot. The kit will take approx 2-4 hours to complete and your mushroom will be about 10cm high with 10cm diameter.

Get your order in today to avoid disappointment and secure your rightful place as the favourite child 😉

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