Bad Weather Got you Trapped at Home?

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Natasha Searls-Punter

If the storm has you feeling trapped at home, might we suggest an online class to pass the time?

Many of our Online Classes don’t require a specific kit, or can be adapted based on what you are likely to already have from your craft supplies so no need to go to a shop or wait for the post.

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Camellia Online Class– Can be made with your own choice of materials and adaptations explained for different material qualities, resulting in unique versions of the classic Chanel style Camellia flower.

Monogramming Online Class– Personalise anything you can get your hands on with the theories behind embroidered monograms in our 3 Monogramming Online Classes.

Darning, darning kit, darning equipment, equipment layout, fabric, denim, online class, product development

Darning Online Class– Fix those garments that have been sitting there for ages and get them back into your wardrobe with the guidance of this class and only basic sewing equipment

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Lace Applique Online Class- Any scrap of lace can be used along with basic sewing equipment to join in with this class and learn how to embellish interiors items, garments or as a fancy repair method.

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Chiffon Rose Class- Chiffon may be in the name, but this class can be done with a small amount of light weight fabric and basic sewing equipment, a great way to add a little drama to your piece.

chiffon, rose, fabric flower, chiffon flower, floral, fabric manipulation

We hope that gives you a little food for thought if you are stuck for something to do at home.

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