January Student of the Month

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Onwards and upwards! It’s time to annouce the new student of the month, which is @carolanncraiguk

Carol has taken a few classes from us but this one really caught our eye. She made such a great job on the cutwork and sequins of this star that we simply had to make her the student of the month.

I’m sure from these photos you will be able to appreciate the work that went into this piece as you see it build. From her instagram account you can see that this isnt her first foray into goldwork as there is also this really interesting brain piece using couched gold thread, sewn onto an envelope.

A blind charity sale for the National Brain appeal – a letter in mind.

Carol is clearly a great stitcher, and can turn her hand to many different techniques as seen in our coral online class and through her knitted works. Do check out all her makes from her instagram if you want to be in awe!


Snap a picture of your London Embroidery School project and tag us (@londonembschool) in it on instagram for your chance to be the next student of the month and win yourself a 10%off voucher to go towards your next London Embroidery School Project.


All Images courtesy of @carolanncraiguk


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