Top 5 Christmas Break Projects

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Natasha Searls-Punter

If you are anything like us, then you don’t do well sitting around. So why not get yourself a little project to achieve whilst you have some time away from work over the Christmas Break? Pop on a festive movie and grab a hot drink because once you start, you’re not going to want to move for a while!

We have picked our top 5 embroidery projects for the Christmas Break; and because they are all fabulous, in no particular order:

No. 1 Silk Shading

A beautiful, traditional technique that can easily be applied to future projects and is a combination of classic stitches. Create natural blends and ombre effects with silk shading on this Art Nouveau inspired fronds design in a punchy set of yellows and oranges.


No 2: Pages Mushroom Pin Cushion

An unusual couture technique of fabric manipulation creating a head of high texture with cut and applied fabric disks. We have used the technique as the underside gills of this make your own luxury pin cushion kit, with a red velvet top, weighted melton wool cloth base and a scattering of pearls for good measure.


No. 3 Shadow Work

One of the most delicate techniques we teach, this is an old and nearly approach within embroidery. Great for those who want to push themselves a bit further and try working on sheer fabrics with an awareness of the finish on both sides to create a see-through piece. The sweetness of the pastel turtle at the end, comes as a bit bonus.


No. 4 Tambour Beading

A technique unlike any of our other classes, this approach is used by couture design houses to apply stitches, beads and sequins to fabric is the fastest and most luxurious way. This style of embroidery is built upon the principle of a chain stitch formed with a hook. We will introduce you to all you will need to know to make a triptych of landscape designs as you learn to stitch, apply beads and sequins.


No. 5 Goldwork Pear

A house favourite, the goldwork pear kit will take you through a taste of the literally hundreds of goldwork technique and material combinations. Working with gold threads and bullion, this style of embroidery was reserved for royalty and when you get your hands on it, you will know why!



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