Top 5 Stocking Fillers For Embroiderers

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Natasha Searls-Punter

Looking for a little gift for the embroiderer in your life, but dont know that much about embroidery yourself?

We’ve got you covered with our top picks of stocking fillers from the London Embroidery School 2021.

No.1  Lux Vintage Embroidery Scissors £14.25

With their fun hen design and silky feeling tassle, they are always easy to find the sewing bag


No. 2 Open Sided Bronze Thimble £11.50

Looking like a tiny piece of armour, this thimble is great for those who stuggle with thimbles that slip around their finger or have longer nails. The open top leaves the nail exposed and the wrap around design means they can mold the thimble to better fit the shape of their finger so they can stitch away for hours, needle prick pain free.


No. 3 Pin Cushion £7.00

With classic sewing bags staples as good as this, is it any wonder that a pin cushion is a must have (…and I must have at least 17). Comes with 40 pins included and in a lucky dip of fabric and button combination, made by our inhouse team.


No. 4 Curved Scissors £16.50

Another pair of scissors you say? Well yes, cutting tools are really that important and these ones are great for getting into hard to reach places because of the curve of the blades and long handles.


No. 5 Wooden Bead Tray £12.99

Ideal for tambourers with its inbuilt thread holder, the bead tray is heavy enough to pull against when stitching to stop the thread from overtwisting. Three shallow sections to keep your beads separate, and can also be good for sequins, cutwork purls, crystals, basically anything small and fiddly.


Find more great items in the Specialist Equipment section of the website for other ideas if these didnt quite take your fancy. Get your orders in before the deadline for shipping to your country, further details on the previous blog.

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