Proud Teacher Moment!

Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Indulge us, if you will, for a moment to be a boastful teacher bursting with pride at the achievement of our students. You know we love a picture and we just adore it when our community shares what they have learnt with us, and us then with you.
All the photos in today’s blog are taken by our students of their work. They all have taken the Introduction to Goldwork Online Class with kit and as you can see, have done incredibly! We love putting these classes together for you, but it means so much more when we get to see how pleased the members of the community are when they have produced something beautiful with their own hands.
It is absolutely thrilling the amount of these photos we get through so if you have been holding off taking a class that has caught your eye, hold on no longer. If these stitchers can achieve these sorts of results then there is no reason you can’t too. Perhaps in our next round of student photos, yours will be featured or could potentially win you a 10% off voucher for our website if selected as our student of the month by tagging us in your photo when shared on instagram.
Home page  featured image by @cahincaha
Thanks to all the students who shared these images for their hard work and allowed us to share them in turn with you.

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