Lace Applique Online Class (Remastered)

lae , sewing, work in progress, lace application
Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

embrodiered lace detail

Let us introduce you to the beautiful art of lace applique in this stand alone online class from the London embroidery school. Stitching alongside us, we have a stunning new corded floral lace motif to demonstrate on and provide in the kits. You learn how to select from your lace, prepare and apply the lace for a stunning finish every time. With particular emphasis on the stitch techniques and tension of your lace, you can add to and amend the lace to suit the shape you need so you can be confident in using your new applique skills in your own future fashion, bridal, interior or repair projects.

white cord lace, white folded fabric,

This class has been remastered for this new lace kit design so if you wish to work on the same lace pattern as us you can get a kit from our website. The approach can however be applied to any lace you desire so if you prefer to use your own, you can buy access to the online class on its own and start right away.

lae , sewing, work in progress, lace application

Side Note: Those who purchased the lace applique class before Aug 2021 can still access the original class video unaffected.

lace , cord, embroidery

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