Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Idea

Fathers Day gift
Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Monogram, monogramming, lettering, stitch, stitching, embroidery, textiles, tie, black tie, accessories
Tie Lining Monogram Example

With all that’s been going on has Father’s Day crept up on you?
Does your Dad like making or fixing things?
We’ve got a gift idea you might not have considered… One of our Online Classes.

Goldwork, gold work monogram, monogramming, couching, Pearle Purl, gold wire, wire, thread, lettering, letters, green wire, product outcome, final outcome
Goldwork Letter 2 Online Class- Couching and Pearle Purl

Now hear me out- I know you are thinking…
”But you’re embroidery school- I don’t think my Dad would enjoy that’’
However there is such a variety in embroidery that we think we have something for anyone, as we believe sewing skills are for everyone.

Darning, darning online class, product outcome, denim, online class, darn, repair, sewing, textiles, stitch, denim, Linen
Darning Repairs Online Class Visible Repair

What about the darning class if yours is a practical Dad that likes to fix things but hasn’t yet extended that to his own jeans?

Darning, darning online class, online class, darn, repair, sewing, textiles, stitch, denim
Darning Repairs Online Class

Or the Monogramming Class series for swarve Dads that would get a great sense of satisfaction from being able to add a little personalised touch to their sense of style.
Find these amongst the many other classes we offer online and get your Dad a new skill for Father’s Day that he could use for years to come.

Monogram, Monogramming, Embroidery, Sewing, thread, Online Class, Green Lettering, Lettering
Monogramming Online Class Part 3 Serif

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