What could you learn for £20? (or less!)

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Natasha Searls-Punter

What could you learn for £20 or less with the London Embroidery School?
We want to make embroidery more accessible to more of you enthusiastic people. Firstly by taking our classes online so our community is not longer limited by their proximity or ability to get to London. Secondly, with the price. Where ever possible we try to make our classes attainable so we thought we would give you a little run down of the classes we think are the best bang for your buck.
Lace, Jewellery, Beading, Sequins, Leaves, Fabric Leaves, Online Class, Design Outcome, Fish Hook,Hook, Earring,
Lace Jewellery Online Class – Leaves Design In Hand

There are so many options to choose from, but here are just a few to tickle your fancy:

Valentino Roses- £0
Lace Jewellery and Mini Kit- £5
Darning Online Class- £10
Tambour Beading Online Class Part 1- £10

Darning, darning online class, online class, darn, repair, sewing, textiles, stitch, denim
Darning Repairs Online Class
Follow the links to start learning a new embroidery technique today.

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