March’s Student of the Month

Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Feels like Spring is here and with that a new student of the month. So for their lovely works during March the winner is…@rhea_krcmarova.

It is so fascinating and inspiring to see what each of you like to do in your spare time and how you manage to work embroidery into your lives. Taking Rhea for example- describing herself as a writer and transmedial text artist, we were delighted to see how our chiffon rose class came out for her and how effective they are when built up in this way.

As a text artist, she also wrote this wonderful poem to go along with the piece which we think is just beautiful:

my needle


in a field of fingers 

my pulse explodes

in silky-spoken strands

my blood is bound

my knots are softly breathing

my thread is rising

where my lashes bend”

Rhea Krcmarova 2021


Do have a look at her instagram page if you would enjoy seeing more of her works and seeing how her other artistic mediums all fit together.

If you would like to be the next #studentofthemonth,  use the hashtag #londonembroideryschool or tag us when sharing your photos from your London Embroidery School class or the things you have gone onto make following one of our classes.

All Images courtesy of @rhea_krcmarova

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