February’s Student of the Month

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Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

February as always flew by as always, but it would seem that you all managed to find time for your stitching with all the submissions we had for student of the month. And so we have a new student of the month to announce…. @chlopargins.

Chloe has been working away at her Goldwork Online Class Pear Design over the course of February and has been sharing images of the various stages and techniques she tackles.

As a Costumer, we are excited to see what she does with her new found goldwork skills.

As you can see here, she has really got into the couching and is bricking those stitches wonderfully.

We also love to see our students taking care of their works well, like taping the ends of the gold threads before plunging to preserve them.

We can also see from her Instagram that this is not her first foray into goldwork, having tried our Introduction to Goldwork Cherry Design at the start of the year. It’s wonderful to see people’s confidence grow from the intro kits onto the more challenging designs.

We also very much appreciate a little bit of geeking out about good working practises- like wrapping one’s embroidery frame. ”10 points to Griffindor!”

Cocktails and Cutwork anyone? It could catch on!


If you would like to be the next #studentofthemonth , use the hashtag #londonembroideryschool or tag us when sharing your photos from your London Embroidery School class or the things you have gone onto make following one of our classes.


All Images courtesy of @chlopargins

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