Happy New Year!

embroidery, introduction to embroidery, beginners, blue flower, sewing, textiles, online class, kit
Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

New years are for New skills in our book, being more than you were last year- certainly not less!

Our Beginners Online classes are a great way to get into embroidery in 2022, you just need to pick your skill:

embroidery, introduction to embroidery, beginners, blue flower, sewing, textiles, online class, kit

Intro to Embroidery Online Classes and Kits

The big mumma of a class- three parts taking you though a great grounding of classic stitches and good stitching techniques that will set you up for success as your first project with a new skill.



lace, jewellery, lace jewellery, earrings, fish hook, hook, white jewellery, beads, embroidery, online class, needle, product development, sequins, flower, fabric flower

Lace Jewellery Online Classes and Kits

Great for beginners and achievable in an afternoon, the lace jewellery online classes are a wonderful entry class to the world of embroidery. Two designs to choose from and a pair of earrings at the end along with a load of new techniques, these classes are great bang for your buck.




goldwork, gold work, Goldwork cherry, cherry, fruit, embroidery, online class, kit, chipping, red, gold, equipment


Introduction to Goldwork Online Class and Kit

There are plenty of wildly different embroidery techniques to explore so if you have a little stitching experience and are looking for a new challenge- look no further than the shiny loveliness that is goldwork. This little kit and class will give you a taste of the fabulousness that goldwork has to offer to see if this obsession is about to be your next one.


All your options can be found in the ‘All Classes’ section where you might be surprised by the variety of embroidery tehcniques you could learn this year from the London Embroidery School.


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