October’s Student of the Month…

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Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

A new month rolls in and so we have a new student of the month to announce…. @dee_elizabeth13.

Tambour Online Class 1: Stitches by @dee_elizabeth13

Despite finding the tambour process a little frustrating, Dee persevered and as you can see from the above, did a great job of her first tambour project.


Tambour Online Class 1: Stitches in progress by @dee_elizabeth13

Sharing the creative learning process, from her Instagram it would seem that she uses creative outlets as a kind of mindfulness which we think is a fabulous approach to creativity. The challenges faced during the learning process make the end result all the sweeter and I’m sure will have bolstered her confidence as she moves onto Part 2 Tambour: Beads.

Daisy Embroidery project by @dee_elizabeth13

She easily switches between different creative outcomes as there a a range of techniques displayed in her profile as well as some incredible cakes, knitting, bead weaving… You name it!

Bead Weaving Project by @dee_elizabeth13

Creating clearing comes naturally @dee_elizabeth13.

If you would like to be the November’s #studentofthemonth, use the hashtag #londonembroideryschool or tag us when sharing your photos from your London Embroidery School class or the things you have gone onto make following one of our class.

Pearle Purl work by @dee_elizabeth13

All Images courtesy of @dee_elizabeth13

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1 thought on “October’s Student of the Month…”

  1. Thank you so much! I’m beyond thrilled 🙂
    My parents taught me to embroider and do tapestry as a child and it’s very much one of my things.
    Getting the rhythm right for the tambour work was a challenge, but I’m so glad I kept at it (even with losing the hook down the back of the sofa!!) and I’m getting ready to start the beads.

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