Free Lace Jewellery Flowers Design Online Class

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Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

This class launch, Lace Jewellery Flowers Design, follows the success of the first of the first we released in this style, the leaves design. This too is aimed at our novice embroiderers where together we will be working to make a pair of embellished lace earrings. Using basic techniques we will guide you towards good practises as we add the beads and sequins to the lace, whilst considering the piece as a whole for a 3D outcome. If you are fairly new to embroidery then this one is great for you as we share some of our tips that will help you on your way. Oh and did we mention, the class itself is free so you can enjoy the techniques taught and apply them to your own projects if you like.

This approach is more of a challenge on how to be delicate and tension your work as it is a bit fiddly. The finished pieces make a lovely thing to gift to someone special as the outcomes are so pretty and will post well if you aren’t able to see one another particularly at the moment.

The flowers design kit will be the first design in this style, though there are more kits to come which you can apply the same techniques to, or freestyle it to really make them your own. Kits are available to purchase on our website so head there now to grab your class and choice of kit today.

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