September’s Student of the Month

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Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

It would seem like for those in the UK, autumn is well and truly here. Behind us are the days of wanting to spend all our time outside (Covid permitting). Bring on those snuggly months with a blanket, hot chocolate and the desire to stay inside and perhaps, I don’t know, maybe do some stitching. Like this month’s student of the month who has definitely been getting their stitching hours in recently @diannasmith646.

Tambour Online Class 2: Beads by @diannasmith646

Here is someone who with a swift glance at their Instagram page, clearly loves textiles and making and craft in it’s forms. Dianna took out our Tambour series class and wasted no time in getting started and dedicating her skills to this technique.


Tambour Online Class 1: Stitches by @diannasmith646

As you can see above, here winning picture is of her tambour 2 outcome, the beads class of the tambour series where she shows a real finesse for this style of embroidery. The other parts of the class are also very good, but that one just had the edge for us. It would seem that Dianna sensed that in herself too as she has already started and made serious headway on testing a new project with her tambour skills.

Tambour Bead project- Beaded purse by @diannasmith646

Bringing a great sense of humour to her craft projects, check her Instagram out if you need a little motivation as you will find it in spades. Dianna seems to be able to jump between different techniques very easily and goes to show how varied and exciting making things with your own hands can be.

If you would like to be the October’s #studentofthemonth, use the hashtag #londonembroideryschool or tag us when sharing your photos from your London Embroidery School class or the things you have gone onto make following one of our class.

Pendant Pin Cushion Project by @diannasmith646

All Images courtesy of @diannasmith646

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