Shimmery, Shiny, Sparkly things: Tambour 3 Sequins

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Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Shimmer, shine and sparkle fans, the tambour online class series part 3 is all about sewing sequins. Freshly launched, this third and final part of the tambour online class series sees us shimmying our way into the last stitching style.


We will try lines and fills, with flat and cupped sequins to master the different reflective finishes. As always the class will take you through the theory, with your practise pack of materials and then we will show off our newly learnt skills on the gold desert landscape design. This will complete the tambour landscape triptych and our first foray into couture stitching, equipping you with the skills to apply these techniques to your future projects. 

If you bought the whole series as a bundle, the class will be waiting for you in your inbox or can be purchased now as a standalone if you just want to learn about sequins. You know the drill, head to the London Embroidery School website to get all the details on this exclusive couture technique.

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