Bring on the Beads!

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Natasha Searls-Punter

We’ve built the base, it’s time to bring the beads. Part 2 of the Tambour Online class series is now available. Working with the most popular use of the tambour skills, adding beading into the equation ups the difficulty level as we navigate the additional weight, changeable stitch length, shrinkage and working that underneath hand. Starting off with a pack of practise beads we will work on the techniques before we apply the skills to our landscape design, incorporating round beads, seed beads and bugle beads, straights, corners, curves and fills.

If you haven’t got any idea what those things mean, start off the tambour 1 to fill in the gaps and catch us up. Those who got in fast and purchased the whole series as a bundle will have the class waiting for you in your inbox. Kits are going quickly so if you haven’t managed to bag one or have plenty of beads of your own, you can purchase the online class on its own. This comes with a downloadable version of the design template to use your own materials with and start stitching at home right away. 

Check out all the options so you can just buy what you need. All the variations are explained on our website, follow any of the links for more info. Begin couture beading like a pro with the Tambour Online Class Series from the London Embroidery School.

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