Tambour Beading Class Goes Digital

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Natasha Searls-Punter

Well do we have a treat for you or what! As one of our regulars you may already have guessed but we are a big, brand new, technically focused online class series show you as our Tambour Online Class is now available.


Perfect for those who have never tamboured before or if you are looking to smarten up your existing skills, the class series will take you through all the classic tambour skills; stitches, beads and sequins on this triptych of landscape designs. 

Part 1 will take you from scratch, setting up your hook and frame, forming stitches, starting and stopping. Then we can move onto the design together and show off our skills on knotted stars, straight stitch seascape and curving wind stitches. Working in this variegated thread we can focus on practising good technique, getting comfortable with the new tools and building a strong foundation.

Parts 2 and 3 will push these skills onwards as we add the extra challenge of the weight of beads and dexterity required for sequins. Covering round, seed, bugle beads, flat and cupped sequins; this class series will start you off with all the challenges you are likely to face when working on your own future tambour designs. 

The classes will be available as standalones or as a bundle with the materials and or equipment depending on your requirements for this high end technique. Head to the online classes section to pick your bundle and start your couture beading education with the London Embroidery School.


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