Sneak Peek: Organdie Rose Sample Construction

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Natasha Searls-Punter

Today we are sharing this behind the scenes look of us making an organdie rose sample ready for use in our online class. The video captures us preparing construction and finishing touches, using the techniques we explain in detail during the class. These stunning roses are the most life like of the silk flowers we teach and because of their manipulatable nature you have the capacity to make a wide range of styles to suit your project.

Harnessing the qualities of the organdie itself, we encourage the petals to take their desired shape, moulding them by hand. Constructing the roses piece by piece brings a real sense of satisfaction as you see the flower grow as you work. Here we work in the classic golden yellow organdie, but we have recently released new colours to expand the range which you may also enjoy.

If you’d like to see how previous students of the online class have got on with their roses, check out our Instagram where you can share you pictures with us too! If this has wet your appetite to try organdie roses for yourself, find the class on our website.


Items used in the Video:

Organdie Rose Mini Kit


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