Fancy Trying your Hand at Goldwork?

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Natasha Searls-Punter

We hope you are ready for this, we have been working away in the background to bring a longer class series out for our more established stitchers, so today we have the Goldwork Pear Class Series to bring before you. In this 4 part series we will be teaching you a range of traditional goldwork techniques, focusing on the process and getting into the fruity details of the wide variety of materials goldwork has to offer.

This class is aimed at stitchers with some embroidery experience, but who may or may not have necessarily done goldwork specifically before. If you have already taken our Introduction to Goldwork Cherry design then you are pretty much in a perfect position, as we will be taking a few of those materials and techniques, building on them and pressing forwards with your skills and finesse. We will discuss working on a multifaceted design starting by building good foundations with padding and raisings, adding smooth surfaces with applique, creating texture with chipping, couching and cutwork, before we work on finishings like plunging and pearle purl edging. 

As always we have prepared kits for you so you can jump right into the fun bit and get stitching. There will be Deluxe and Mini level kits depending on the equipment you may already have at home as someone who has already done a bit of embroidery. We will also be offering bundle packages which brings your choice of kit and all the classes into one transaction with a discount. Or you can buy each class as they are released on Fridays over the course of the month of July in their 40- 50 minute video bite size chunks. 

You know what to do, pop over to the London Embroidery School website and head to the online classes section to make your selection.

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