Monogramming Part 3 – The Nitty Gritty

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Natasha Searls-Punter

The final part of our Monogramming online class series is now out on the London Embroidery School Website. The most in depth look we have ever shared on monogramming, we get up close and personal with the letters. We will be working on a classic 8mm high monogram, the sort you may have seen used on shirts or handkerchiefs. Talking you through the techniques and decisions we make, as we make them stitch by stitch, we encourage you to join us and stitch along so you can see and feel those choices too.

When you have made your purchase, the link and template will be sent to your email. In the four letters we will be stitching, we cover a lot of the common elements we see in the alphabet so you can apply your new knowledge to stitching out whatever you like. In this video we also talk about window mounting your item, to open up your embroidery onto pretty much anything you care to try to stitch on.

Thank you once again to those who bought the whole series in advance, it means a lot to us and your video will be waiting for you in your inbox. If that isn’t you, it’s not too late to join the lettering party. There are no kits required for this class or series, we just make suggestions of things to use and alternatives that we hope you will already have access to at home so there is no reason to delay. You could be stitching along with us in a matter of minutes!

Items used:
Embroidery Hoop
Fabric (Denim, knit, sweatshirting or similar)
Embroidery Needle Sharps 10
Stiletto (optional)
Pencil (ideally mechanical)
Silver Gel Pen (option for darker fabrics )
Embroidery Stranded Cotton or similar
Tracing Paper
Printed Letter Template (Downloadable with purchase)
Pricker (option: needle/pin)
Felt Rubber (roll up felt strip or loose weave fabric pounce ‘bag’)
Pricker Board (option: bullion board or folded up fabric)

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